Carlos E. Gomez 



I am a trauma therapist. I help people work through painful life events and to find healing in place of hurt. I work with people that feel broken and abused beyond repair. I find much joy in helping people "come back to life" and to live their fullest life. We are on this earth to help one another, to be both teacher and student, and to make our stay for ourselves and others a better place. I specialize in trauma relating to betrayal, PTSD and CPTSD. I also treat anxiety, depression, grief/loss, shame, pornography compulsion and feelings of worthlessness etc. Providing a healer’s touch through therapy is my contribution to this world.

I am a husband to a wonderful woman and a father to three girls, and one dog, Maggie. I started my professional education in Northern Utah at Utah Valley University and concluded it online at the University of Southern California. I am very personable and love to get to know people. My practice has been a great fit for mixing my love of people with my ability to heal. My caseload has become very full and rather than turn clients away, I decided to expand my practice and to train the next generation of trauma healers. I am pleased to introduce my following team members:

Ashley Wright, LCSW


Ashley is a naturally talented and empathetic therapist. She incorporates an Experiential/Expressive Arts style of therapy to engage the right brain and bodies (where we store our emotions and pains) in order to release traumatic memories and negative life experiences. She will help you to safely explore pains of the past in a non-judgmental way. Ashley has a love of people that can be felt and is a therapist that you can absolutely trust. She is trained in EMDR therapy and Trauma Informed Yoga Modalities.  

Rachel Steele, MSW, CSW

Rachel Headshot.jpg

Rachel is a kind, compassionate, and gifted therapist. After completing her education, she spent 5 years helping clients with child welfare, grief and loss, and substance abuse. Her warm, non-judgmental approach and genuine personality really shine in the therapy room. Rachel is the kind of therapist that leads from the heart, keeps her clients’ healing in mind, and is a positive contributor in this world. She is happy to work with children, teens, and adults as she is learning the art of trauma therapy. Rachel is trained in EMDR therapy.

Chalyse Lopez, MSc, ACMHC


Chalyse is a dedicated healer. She specifically sought out an opportunity to learn the art of trauma healing and when she came across this therapist opportunity, she jumped on it. Chalyse has a passion for helping others heal through their darkest moments. She is highly empathetic, understanding, and has been a great addition to the team. She chose to focus on substance abuse treatment as well as trauma treatment. Chalyse is happy to work with teens and adults and her bright energy and spirit fill the space of the therapy room. Chalyse is trained in CBT, DBT, and EMDR modalities.  

Elizabeth Alley, MSW, CSW


Elizabeth is a highly intuitive and naturally gifted therapist. She actively listens to not only what her clients tell her but also listens for the unspoken wounds of the past. She is highly knowledgeable in DBT and EMDR work. She will sit down with you, listen to your story, and help you piece your life together one piece at a time. She has been an amazing addition to the trauma team. She prefers to do trauma work with adults.

Cheryl Jordan, MA, PT, ACMHC


Cheryl is an amazing addition to our team. Though she is open to working with kids, teens, and adults, her natural ability to connect to children and teens is unsurpassed. She does play therapy as well as EMDR and is continually improving her knowledge and skill set in the therapy room. Therapy is her second career after a career of helping others through physical therapy. Cheryl has a bright, positive outlook on life and extends that to her clients.

Bailey Zemborow Borrow, ACMHC


Bailey is working toward licensing in Utah. Bailey's pronouns are they/them.  They live and work in Pennsylvania as a fully licensed therapist specializing in a variety of areas. Bailey is highly personable and loving toward clients. They specializes in teens and adults and is LGBTQ+ affirming. Because Bailey lives out of state, all of their work is offered through Video Therapy. Due to COVID 19 and the many restrictions that have occurred because of it, video therapy, or teletherapy has become very popular and many clients prefer it due to its ease of access. We are excited to invite Bailey to the team!

Kenzie Bradshaw, MSW, Intern


Kenzie is a student intern that found this practice and wanted to learn how to become a trauma therapist. She has a passion for treating and healing trauma and has a strong desire to advocate for those in need. She has a bilingual (Spanish) skillset and a dedication to serve those in her community. Anyone would be blessed to be able to sit on her therapy couch. She is a student of the University of Utah.

Rachael Wesemann, MSW, Intern


Rachael is an incredibly insightful therapist intern. She combines her knowledge and personal life experience to lead her clients toward deep healing. Rachael is a very humanistic worker that has a love of learning and a love of people. She is a student through the University of Utah.

Elizabeth Coonen, MSW, Intern


Elizabeth is a caring therapist intern. She has an interest in helping underserved populations and is considering a job working with clients that are involved in the prison system. She is a student through the University of Reno, Nevada.

The Practice


I have been working with and treating clients since 2015. Like anyone who starts something new, it took time for me to really get good at it. I guess that is why we call it a "therapy practice." This practice focuses on helping people heal from all levels of traumatizations, PTSD/CPTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Betrayal Trauma, Anger, Fear, and Relationship Issues and other issues. I am certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) and also certified in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) to help clients attain deep, lasting, and real change. 


Clients come here in good faith that they can go deep and heal deep. If you are wondering if therapy is right for you, it is.

Therapy is a sacred ground where two human beings come together to combine thought processes, feel emotions in a trusted space, and to let go of hurts and grow in ways that can only come with the healing balm of therapy. Therapy will help you to sort through confusing thoughts and emotions, let go of painful memories, and step into your most productive and fulfilling life.

We work with children, teens, and adults. We do not exclude any person based on gender, race, culture, religion, ethnicity, or sexuality. We are advocates for the LGBTQ+ community.  Regardless of the client we have in front of us, we always ensure they are treated with the highest quality of respect and professionalism.

In order to serve as many people as we can, we are paneled with a variety of insurances: Selecthealth, EMI, UHC, PEHP, Wise Network, Tall Trees, BCBS, Cigna, Molina, bishop pay and private pay. We always verify benefits ahead of time as a courtesy for my clients. If you are not sure if we take your insurance, feel free to reach out and we will check.  Our private pay rate is between $80.00 and $150.00 per session.

 When it comes to investing, therapy is one of the best self-investments that you can make. Please feel free to reach out to us today.